Lozenge gums with a delicious lemon-mint taste

Taking tablets is not always the obvious answer, however big or small they may happen to be. Plus, we do not always have water available. With Antimetil® gom you can keep your stomach light in all circumstances: these sugar-free lozenge gums have a delicious lemon-mint flavour and do not need water, ideal for taking with you wherever you go!

Each lozenge gum contains 25 mg of dry standardized ginger extract, equivalent to 250 mg of ginger powder. The Antimetil® gom ginger extract is 10 x more concentrated than a conventional ginger powder.

Antimetil® gom are suitable for children of 6+ years of age.

When to use Antimetil gom?

In case of overeating or heavy meals
In case of overeating or heavy meals

When travelling
When travelling

During a course of treatment
During a course of treatment

How to use Antimetil gom ?

Children from 6 to 11 years 1 lozenge gum 1 tot 3 times per day
Adults and children from 12 years 2 lozenge gums 1 to 3 times per day

When travelling: take the gums 30 min before the departure.


Antimetil® is also available in tablets, more info

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